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For the past 30 years our founder, Marc Saint-Onge AKA “the mudman”, has discovered the value of humic and fulvic minerals from a Canadian bog in the Ottawa Valley. 

The founder of NuWTR, has created over 89 different products derived from this mud called “MOTHER EARTH”.

Marc Saint-Onge discovered the value of mud about 30 years ago in Germany when he visited a spa and found a health culture that revolved around organic brown ooze. In Germany and many other European countries, holistic buffs bathe in warm mud, claiming it draws out toxins. They slather it on their bodies and their faces to rejuvenate the skin. They even eat muffins made with mud so that their innards can benefit as well.

“They were putting people in pure mud heated to 120 degrees,” Saint-Onge says of the German spa.
“They were coming in wheelchairs and on crutches and walking out after a few days.”
They are lofty claims indeed. But Saint-Onge was no stranger to the childhood joys of mud. He had grown up in Sudbury and hunted bullfrogs in the bogs that dotted the landscape.

Later, he studied orthotherapy, which uses massage and manipulation to treat pain, in Drummondville, Que., and became fascinated by health spas in Germany, where full immersion mud baths – warm and viscous as pudding – are used to treat a spectrum of ills.  “It’s like being in your mother’s womb,” Saint-Onge says.

Saint-Onge brought some of the German mud back to Canada in plastic bags for his clients, but found it wasn’t nearly enough. So he set out on an exhaustive quest to find the best mud in Canada and ship it back to Europe.

The search took him to more than 60 bogs all over Quebec and Ontario, collecting mud and having it analyzed. He found the motherlode and the story continues…

Now, some 25 years later, Saint-Onge harvests 1,500 tonnes of mud each year. 

Carlo Garibaldi makes the perfect partner in leading NuWTR to greater heights!

Carlo Garibaldi, President of Nuwtr brings more than 30 years of executive experience within numerous diverse business industries.  

Before joining NuWTR Carlo created, operated and managed two culinary booths in the City of Toronto in addition to a café in a prominent area of Toronto’s downtown core.  

Carlo also owned and operated an Italian eatery in Mayan Riviera, Mexico where he successfully steered his team as well as all product marketing for the establishment.  Most recently Carlo led the sales department of a large transportation company.  

Carlo also collaborated with various developers in the construction financing industry.  With his extensive experience and his drive in being successful in all he endeavors - NuWTR is on its way to international success. 

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